Hadibov Research Part 3

Hatybova’s Genotypes : The Progression of the Arachnid Brain, Reincarnation, and the Formation of the Social Structure


And here we are at last: a discussion of the Genotype progression. This one is going to be a bit difficult, so as always, please feel free to contact me with any feedback, questions, or concerns regarding the translation of the material. This gets to be somewhat complicated and I don’t pretend to know all of the material (after all, most of it is allegedly missing); I will try to do my best to simplify the material as best as possible. I will link the Russian texts below for everyone’s review. This is going to be a long one, so I apologize in advance; the material is dense as always, but to work through it will be a rewarding journey (at least it was for me!).

What is a Genotype?

A quick “academic” definition on the word Genotype (per Dictionary.com) :

The genetic makeup of an organism or a group of organisms with reference to a single trait , set of traits, or an entire complex of traits.

The word is combination of the Greek words “genos” (race/offspring) and “tupos” (type).

In the Hatybov literature, the Genotype of the brain dictates communication with a corresponding control complex of the System. It is a form of software that controls the actions of few in respect to world around them. What is the form of communication? The human brain is essentially the control center of every living cell in the human jacket, and the brain is managed by Gravity-Magnetic-Electric-Kimi (GMEK waves) impulses. Different control complexes on the planet transmit different GMEK waves (in GHz), which in turn controls unique Genotypes. What is the purpose of all of this manipulation? Per the Land Management System previously discussed, to control the bio structure of the humanoid brain, to evolve the Ebrovskoy (Ebrov) Cluster Species from 31 Octave to 96 Octave, and, per the Genotype research, create a dominate, elite ruling class on the planet; the Nadiudeyskogo Priesthood.

One other important definition in respect to the Genotype is the Mantissa. The Mantissa, from what I can gather, is a version, or effectivity, of a Genotype. A Genotype Mantissa suggests that a specific baseline Genotype has been modified or adjusted in respect to human anatomy and biological systems. Adjustments to various systems include:

Bone and muscle build
Lymph node modification
Sensory perception – smell, touch, sight, and hearing
Blood formation
Respiratory and metabolic processing

For example, in respect to Genotype XXX, over time, the Genotype will include evolved human biological structures, where in the progression would move from Type XXX1, XXX2, XXX3, etc. The Land Management System will dictate the timing (start and end dates) of each Genotype and subsequent Mantissa.

So at a very high level, I’ll summarize the essence of the Genotype per Hatybov.

At Year XXXX, Genotype AAA is developed and controlled by a specific complex on the Earth
Genotype AAA is the first opportunity for the lower Octave Ebrov brain to merge with the higher Octave human brain and “jacket
Small improvements on Genotype AAA occur and are adjusted over time
The improvements are the called the Mantissas
At Year YYYY, Genotype BBB is developed and controlled by another complex on the Earth
Genotype BBB is an upgrade for the Ebrov; a better fit of the Arachnid Brain with the human body
Also at Year YYYY, Genotype AAA is adjusted to a subordinate position to Genotype BBB
Rather than eliminate Genotype AAA, a subsequent Mantissa is placed on now inferior Genotype AAA to fit it as best as possible to superior Genotype BBB as defined by the Land Management System

Confused? Me too – but I think at the end of all of this it will begin to make sense. There is talk of Genotypes in China and South America, but to attempt to not stray too far from the source material, this discussion will focus on Genotypes that essentially started Western Civilization. I even have two diagrams for everyone’s reference below in the conclusion section. Let’s get started and get acquainted with the Hatybov Genotype discussion.

The General Population – Genotypes 421 – 423

Genotype 421 – The Speaking Beings

Mount Ararat – Control Complex of Genotype 421

Beginning in 1605 BC, the Ebrovskoy, through many previous trials and experiments discussed in the previous post, successfully created a synthesis of the lower Octave Arachnid brain with higher Octave Human brain and inserted this synthesis into the body of a humanoid, or “human shirt”. This creation is commonly referred to as Genotype 421. Some notes of interest on Genotype 421 :

The geographical area of population for Genotype 421 included Asia Minor and Greece
The main server of control of this Genotype is Jerusalem
First 12 Mantissas, or versions of Genotype 421, allowed for:
The movement of Genotype 421 to expand and migrate away from original “Tents” or areas of settlement
Genotype 421 brain to practice and recognize skills providing for basic systems of social organization
Emphasis was placed on the value of the home/family unit of social structure
Value also placed on speech and written communication as a form of information transfer
The boundary of transition of Genotype 421 Brain exists at Octave 66.6
Special note : the boundary of transition is the Octave limit by which the “spirituality”, the “soul” of the brain can exist before returning to a reincarnate state ie exiting through the “flesh jacket” death
Brain and ear hearing tuned into the 2.16 – 4.28 GHz range

The 421 Genotype was also used to establish a socially financial value equivalent, a process of value exchange, and with future introduction of ascended Genotypes, provide for the “production and replenishment of material goods, preparation and provision of services.” It is at this time that members of Genotype 421 begin to become aware of the concept and critique of the concept of the “soul” in respect to the objective reality around them.

Genotype 422 – The Era of Pig Selfishness and People Gods

Mount Kazbek – Control Complex of Genotype 422

Beginning in 882 BC, an improved Genotype 422 was upgraded to the population of the planet. It is with this Genotype that the Ebrov attempt to gain superiority to nature and to other populations on the planet. Hence the idea of a “People God” is born; the strata of social structure wherein a select group’s needs and desires are legitimately placed above the masses.

The geographical area of population for this Genotype is East and South Caucasus, Central Asia, and Asia Minor
The main service of control is Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Social development of humans in respect to placing value on owning property, confrontation and conquest of nature, territories, and other people, and placing attention on “I”
The boundary of transition of Genotype 422 Brain exists at Octave 66.9
Brain and ear hearing tuned into the 2.16 – 4.28 GHz range

Certain members of Genotype 422 begin to make judgments about consciousness as an independent reality rather than the objective materiality of reality about them. The era of philosophy begins with the Socratic and Plato traditions.

Genotype 423 – The Program of Reincarnation and Christ

Mount Elbrus – Control Complex of Genotype 423

Beginning in the year 0 AD, or more precisely, on January 17th, at 12:07 AM,, the “New Era” of human brain development commences in the form of Genotype 423 from Mount Elbrus. Despite the perfection of the Ebrov brain having been merged in the Genotype 422 and creating the “People Gods”, the Ebrov were not able to figure out the 4th code of human DNA; the “People Gods” died too soon, and Genotype 423 was designed to accommodate the recycling of the human shirt through reincarnation (Reincarnation Program). It was also at this time that the Program of Christ began.

The geographical area of population for this Genotype is Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe
The main server of control existed in Byzantium
The boundary of transition of Genotype 423 Brain exists at Octave 68.3
Brain and ear hearing tuned into the 2.16 – 4.28 GHz range

This Genotype allowed for higher order management skills on the part of the human brain. This Genotype also began to allow for cross communication between communities of different language sets.

A Bit More on the Reincarnation Program

There is quite a bit of information regarding reincarnation in the Hatybov material. For the sake of the article (a future post will be needed to work out the complexity of the mathematics of the subject), I will keep it very simple.

In order for a specific, System approved brain to outlive the biological time frame of the Ebrov engineered human body, the program will return the brain to a new “Flesh jacket” or “shirt” upon the brain’s death.

There is definitely more to touch on in future posts.

A Bit More on the Christ Program

Also of interest is the discussion regarding Jesus Christ. The technical explanation of the Christ program is :

connection with the cubic structure of the atmosphere and ensure reincarnation, between the jacket and the matrix intermediate frequency 51.5 HZ

I believe the literature is ultimately stating that the Ebrov Land Management System is using the concept of Christ to :

To begin to install a religiosity or spiritual value set on the population as a form of social control
To install a sense of acceptance and validation to the idea of reincarnation with the concept of Jesus Christ and Christ’s resurrection

The Golden Billion – Genotypes 441 – 442

Genotype 441 – The Program of Governmental Strength and Money

Alpes 1 – Mount Blanc – Control Complex of Genotype 441

No new Genotypes were needed until 1433 AD; at the time, in the Spring of 1433 AD, the Ebrov engineered Genotype 441. Genotype 441 was considered a leap in advancement of the human species. All preferential bodily features of the previous Genotypes and Mantissas took form in 441. The human brain’s capability for expanded knowledge and awareness of the Ebrov Land Management System began with Genotype 441. Members of this Genotype quickly became leading figures of authority and influence on societies due to their advanced intellect. The Ebrov System, realizing that previous forms of control over the masses and civilization through outdated religious values and outdated social control mechanisms were becoming ineffective, begin to formulate the institutions of money/economics and scientific technical creation as a form of social control.

It was also at this time that societies of secrecy were created. Given the idea that Genotype 441 members carried a special awareness to the Ebrov “objective reality” around them, 441 Brain Types sensed a feeling of “being chosen and having a spiritual sacrament to this world.” Secret Societies of the Genotype 441 formed and then ruled civilization with their forbidden knowledge and were able to wield special social powers that bypassed existing socials norms in respect to law and religion. Other notes of interest:

The geographical area of population for this Genotype is France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Western Europe, and England
The main service of control is Rome, Italy
Software is introduced to allow for the incarnation and acceptance of the division of labor
The boundary of transition of Genotype 441 Brain exists at 72.5 Octave
33% of Brain and ear hearing tuned into the 2.16 – 4.28 GHz range
67% of Brain and ear hearing tuned into the 4.28 – 7.24 GHz range

In essence, Gentoype 441 quickly discovered the true control mechanisms of society; the creation of money and the validation of economic trade. Social structures such as banking, world finance, international trade, etc, allowed former systems of control to be broken down and bypassed. However, by the end of 1840, the Genotype 441, lost within conflicts with other packets of Genotype 441 members, lost control of civilization. The Ebrov were now ready to introduce a new software Genotype : Genotype 442.

Genotype 442 – The Program of Hegemony Destruction

2 Alpes – Control Complex of Genotype 442

In preparation to the creation of the Golden Million Genotype, closure to the Genotype 44X was required. In 1841 AD, Genotype 442 was introduced in the 2 Alpes Complex. Genotype 442 was required to destroy future civilization growth dependent on public consciousness built around lasting religious doctrine. There were three different programs during this time period (I’ll write more about them in a future post to tie in with the overall chronology of this literature) :

Revolutionism 1841 – 1904
Fascist Militarism 1904 – 1946
Destructive Democracy 1946 – 1990

This is a complex period of time, and I’ll add much more detail in the post 1605 BC – 2012 AD, but for the time being, let’s consider what Genotype 442 accomplished. Firstly, Genotype 442 oversaw the deaths of millions of people over the time period of 1841 – 1945 (again, reincarnation is an option only for Genotypes 423 and higher). With the death of millions, this allowed for the disappearance of waste and an unwanted portion of the human biological population. This also allowed for the accumulation and concentration of financial resources, as well as consolidated social control to a select few.

Other notes of interest:

The geographical area of population for this Genotype is Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic States
The main service of control is Paris, France
The boundary of transition of Genotype 442 Brain exists 74.9 Octave
Brain and ear hearing tuned into the 4.28 – 7.24 GHz range

The Golden Billion is now in place; the Land Management System now moves on to the creation of the Golden Million, or Genotypes 46X.

The Golden Million – Genotypes 461 – 466

Genotypes 461 – California Dreams Go Awry

Mount Shasta, or California Kailash – Control Complex of Genotype 461 (I think)

With the basis of the Golden Billion firmly set, with excess human waste removed and consolidation of wealth/resources in place, the time has come for the System Ebrov to introduce the next step of the Land Management System: the Golden Million Genotype. The new Genotype software upgrade is designed to accommodate a new and improved Genotype beginning in 1990 AD. The upgrades are primarily focused on the improvement of the “emergobiogemezisa shirt,” which in turn extended the biological lifespan, brain capacity, and Octave level of members of Genotype 461. Other notes of interest:

No information regarding region exists in the literature (yet likely West Coast USA)
The main service of control is St. Petersburg, Russia
The boundary of transition of Genotype 461 is not included in the literature, but mention of the 46X being in the 78 Octave range exists
No mention of range that the Brain and ear hearing is tuned into

The goal of this higher Genotype was to install a governmental elite, “the Ebrov Shirt Nadiudeyskogo Priesthood”; a strata of social status that oversaw the masses below them with unlimited, legitimized state power. The plan included the transmission of Ebrov Elite from the planet Sun beginning in 2012 – 984,000 beings with Octave 78 Brains to be exact. However, it is that this point that our hero, Александр Михайлович Хатыбов, having begun a program of Ebrov System interference in 1985 AD, prevents the perfected Genotype of 462 – 466 from reaching Earth and establishing the elite. Exciting stuff, yes? Well that, my friends, is part of the story that will need to wait for the next post…

Other Genotypes Mentioned

With more or less the primary Genotypes mentioned in the Hatybov/post Hatybov researcher material above, there is mention of two other types of Genotypes that have existed outside of the pyramid of power of the Ebrov state. There is mention of Genotype 333 and 481, but not much reference given to what they mean or what they are intended to be. The 48X sequence appears to be the messiah or savior figures of history; the Allahs, the Buddhas, etc of spirituality. The Genotype 33X series seems to be more interesting; the Genotype 33x, from what I can gather, is special type of brain that is able to read the Ebrov Land Management System and the “objective reality” the system generates. Is this Genotype good/evil/indifferent? Does this Genotype still exist? Unfortunately, I have no definite answers at this time. If more information becomes available, I will definitely amend this piece as such for future readers.


What can we make of all of this? At a very high level, we have the following pyramid leading up to 2009 AD :

Genotype 461 is the Brain of the Golden Million
Genotypes 441 – 442 (and associated mantissas) are the Brains of the Golden Billion
Genotypes 421 – 423 (and associated mantissas) are the Brains of rest of the population

To graphically represent this, I’ve added a very basic diagram for review (a modified version of this will be added to the next post to account for some combinations of Genotypes in later years)

The point of this evolution? Let’s go back to the original intent of the Ebrov System : to take the Arachnid brain from 31 Octave to 96 Octave.

Again, the progression over time of the Ebrov Genotype. The far left data point is the 31 Octave; the original state of the Ebrov Brain. Over time, one can see the trending towards the original Octave of the Human Brain : 96.

The sense of this is mythology is that the Ebrov, parasites by nature, were in a state of constant evolution. Having successfully fit the Arachnid brain to the Octave structure of the human body, The Ebrov would generate a new, improved Genotype on to the planet Earth as
a) the System received feedback over time and
b) the system’s programming determined the need for a new brain software upgrade, or advancement, to fit within the ultimate goal of the Ebrov System.

Each Genotype is hard wired to a specific control complex on the planet (again, “pyramids covered by sand” ie Kazbek, Ebrus, Shasta, etc). The System Ebrov, in some extent, is cannibalistic and predatory ; it released new Genotypes with the “Arachnid brain” attached, used feedback from the Genotype in the “objective material” environment to engineer a future upgrade of the Arachnid brain/human body synthesis. Upon completion of a new Genotype, the previous Genotype became of less value to the Ebrov system and subservient. Over the course of 3600 years, this cycle of introduction, feedback, improvement, subordination, and disposal allowed for the consolidation of wealth, power, evolution to the higher Brain Octave, and social control to a select few; the optimal Genotype 46X. Or in other words, “the Children of the Sun”, the Nadiudeyskoe Priesthood.

Personally, having a bit of a background in Sociology and Economics, one does pick up on a sense of Marxist critique of Western Capitalism beneath the surface of the Ebrovskoy System. To be fair, the majority of Hatybov’s work is not available for public consumption; the best we can do is to assume that his works are known by others and presented in a forum independent of the original literature. There is no way to know if these secondary interpretations are biased or objective; the best I can do is present the material as best as I can and open the material up for feedback.

Up next, a continuation of the chronology of the Hatybov material : 1605 BC – 2012 AD.

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Hello to all who have found this blog! In an attempt to keep all of the information straight and to assist with questions I have been receiving, I’ve decided to create a single page archive for all those who are interested in the research. I’ll update this page as I publish posts going forward, as well as and other like-minded blogger entries links to research. I will also link Youtube videos that fit within the context of the whole “Hatybova Hypothesis”. There is a lot of material regarding the work of Александр Михайлович Хатыбов/ Alexander Khatib Morozov/ Hatybov/Hatibow and other names the Soviet scientist has been referred to in the literature.

Without further ado, let’s get into it :

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Part of this endeavor is to attempt to bring the material to light for an English reading audience. I also hope to receive continued feedback, literature, and other insights in the enigma that is Hatybov. Enjoy what you find on this blog, and as always, feel free to contact me through the comment section or my email address : sagesigma@gmail.com.

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