A Soviet Style Lunar Moon

A Soviet Styled Lunar Moon


A few weekends ago, on Sunday September 27th, 2015, many of us were able to enjoy the Lunar eclipse. I was fortunate to be in an area that was cloud free and clear of any sky/light garbage in the area. The event was very entertaining, and to be honest, the beer consumed helped. While the eclipse did take up the majority of my evening that Sunday night, I did the entire time consider the Moon from the perspective of Hatybov, and how any of the literature relates to the Moon. So without further ado, let’s dig into Lunar Moon, Soviet style.

For the sake of this post, let’s assume the “horse diploma” definition of the Lunar Moon is that of a spherical rock that has been orbiting Earth from some point in time millions of years ago. It was either formed through some interplanetary collision, an offshoot of the early Earth, or formed some place else in the universe and captured by Earth’s gravity. It manages to orbit at a rate that keeps one side of the surface facing Earth, more or less, at all times whilst the Earth also rotates; it also manages to perfectly align with the Sun and Earth in order to create Lunar and Solar eclipses. The Moon is a random spherical rock that manages to randomly create some interesting phenomenon in context to observation of it from Earth. Also, the United States sent astronauts to the Lunar Moon in 1969; at this time, officially, the United States is the only country to have landed humans on the Lunar Moon’s surface.

Returning to the alleged literature of the Soviet scientist Alexander Khatib, aka Hatybov, let’s again revisit an alternate assumption of the reality of our Solar System and human existence :

We have a system of Land Management, which includes several control complex, stationary monitoring system objects (UFOs). All this is interconnected not only among themselves but also with the Sun, the Moon, the satellites of the planets. The purpose of control systems – to create biological structure fully meets the requirements of the program.

In one article titled, “Moon: The Most Unexplored Solar System Object,”, Hatybov quickly states that the moon is our UFO, that we on Earth live in sync with the lunar calendar, that the moon is the main object of adoration in the Muslim religion, and that mankind has never visited the lunar surface, or more eloquently, “the arrival of the Americans on the moon – a cartoon, filmed on Earth.” One could safely assume that if Hatybov did indeed exist, he most certainly was not a believer in the Apollo Moon Landings.

Purpose of the Lunar Moon

The Lunar Moon is a critical piece to the Ebrov Land Management System. It is both a Type I UFO that provides life support for inhabitants on the Moon and acts as a Control Complex of the Land Management Supersystem. The Lunar Moon is designed to provide life support functions on Earth; due to its proximity to the Earth, the Lunar Moon influences the gravitational field of Earth’s biosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field. Examples of lunar influence on Earth include (as stated in the Hatybova material) :

With increasing moon phases (heading into a full moon), sow plants that grow over the surface of the Earth; during decreasing moon phases, sow plants such as tubers and roots
Herbs and vegetables should be collected during periods of the full moon as the plants absorb more minerals and water from the soil during this time
The full moon affects the growth of crime and aggression in humans
Females tend to produce an egg during the same moon phase as the phase the female was born in
During waning phases of the moon, more males are born than females
Lumberjacks should cut down trees during the waning moon phase, as less moisture exists in the tree and decay is not as prevalent
Uric acid in the blood tends to fall to low levels in the body at both new and full moons
Vaccinations under the full moon are “doomed to fail”
Color vision in humans is subject to lunar periodicity

Construction of the Lunar Moon

To assist with Lunar Moon as a construct, I’ve provided two diagrams to assist in understanding the Moon from the Hatybov’s perspective. The first is, from what I can gather, a side view of the Moon; the right hand side of the circle faces the Earth; the left hand side faces away from the Earth.

The diagram and text highlights a couple of abstract concepts in respect to the Lunar Moon. Things of interest include :

Two surfaces to the Lunar Moon; an internal surface and an external surface
The side facing the earth is 184 kilometers thinner than the side not facing the Earth
The center of gravity of the Lunar Moon is not geometrically center
The surface of the Lunar Moon emits 120 lux / square meter lighting
50 – 55 % of emissions from the surface of the Lunar Moon reach Earth

There is no mention of whether or not the Lunar Moon is a sphere; for the sake of this post, I will assume that, from the perspective of an individual standing on the planet Earth, the Lunar Moon appears as a sphere in the night sky.

One could easily think Hatybov is stating that the Moon is a sphere within a sphere. However, that concept quickly breaks down when considering the fact that it is stated that the inner surface of the Lunar Moon is 1,160,000,000 square kilometers, and the external surface is 120,000,000 square kilometers. How can this be? We suddenly can begin to imagine the Lunar Moon not as a spherical rock, but as a construct that is bent in a relativistic manner. All reality is dependent on the eye of the beholder, and so is our beloved Moon.

Silly, But True? Is the Lunar Moon Essentially Tardis-like in Nature?

In order to accommodate the different square kilometers of surface area, The Lunar Moon, for the lack of a better metaphor, is similar to Dr. Who’s Tardis; the external surface area of the Tardis appears as police box to the observer outside of the Tardis. However, when the observer moves into the Tardis, the surface area of the interior is much larger to the observer than that of the external appearance. Hatybov included that idea that “an atomic clock placed on top of a skypscraper will show a different time than a similar atomic clock in the skyscraper’s basement.” The “Einstein-ian” idea is that as one moves further away from the Earth, time moves faster than time as experienced closer to the surface of the earth due to the observer’s relationship to Earth’s gravity. Again, this inclusion of atomic clocks is inferring that metric space is tied to time, and that time is dependent on the location of the observer.

Using a simple conceptualization of the Lunar Moon from a bent space time construct using conical shapes, I’ve attempted to visualize a potential diagram of the Lunar Moon.

The External Surface of the Lunar Moon

Quite bluntly, Hatybova quickly states that “nothing exists on the surface of the moon.”. The surface of the moon is formed by “a sputtering or dusting, with a subsequent warming up.” What that means, I am not certain, but the literature could be hinting that the Moon’s surface could possibly be formed by ionic formations dependent on ions with cubic structures (and prevalence of Sulfur). A sort of ionic / cubic lattice, or atomic web, that is created on the surface of the external Moon. This lattice exists at the Octave 43, and when directed toward the planet Earth, will not harm or disrupt the atmospheric lattice of Earth. Again, Hatybova was an alleged noted expert in lattice and symmetrical axis theoretics.

The Internal Surface of the Lunar Moon

Hatybov states that the “lunatics”, or aliens, work and live comfortably inside the Lunar Moon. These entities exist at Octave 64. Also of note in respect to the internal surface of the Lunar Moon are four complexes that exist on the inner surface. The complexes provide for one of several things :

Communication to/from Megrez/Sur
Communication to/from Earth
Reset of task time on Earth at Easter
All Earth complexes rebuild their watches to a new cycle
Rebuild of time includes reset of human brain cycle times
Communication to/from Sun
Communication to/from other Satellites of the Solar System
Provide autonomous life support systems for the inhabitants of the Moon
Provide life support system functions to Earth (as mentioned previously)

The four complexes each have a unique set of pyramids. Each pyramid exists in tune or balance with a unique Octave. Each Octave is tied to a specific receiver/sender of other components of the Super System and System on Earth. A graph is depicted with corresponding Octave(s) :

Things to note :

There are 4 Control Complexes on the Lunar Moon
Each Complex contains a pyramid set that generates Octave/Octave ranges
6 unique Octave ranges generate feedback to the Moon (green arrow point to blue Planet Earth)
2 unique Octave ranges generate signals to Earth (27/28 range and 21/22 range)
1 unique Octave range at 43/44 is reciprocal in nature to Earth
Possible gravitational tube/gravitation octave binding the Moon to Earth?
1 unique Octave range 53/44 generates a feedback signal to the planet Sun
1 unique Octave range at 63/44 is reciprocal in nature to the Sun
Possible gravitational tube/gravitation octave binding the Sun to the Moon?
Pyramids with no arrows attached would be relegated to providing life support systems to the Moon and to providing communication to other Satellites / Megrez

Security System of the Lunar Moon

Due to the fact that so much of the Ebrovosky Super System, and more importantly, the development and control of the human race is dependent on the function of the Lunar Moon, the Moon is protected by a Gravitation Belt that prevents meteorites from hitting the Moon’s surface.

Interestingly, the Earth is not protected by Moon unless the Moon exists in the pathway of the meteorite and the Earth. Given the fact that the Lunar Moon is stated to be the only part of the Super System in contact with Megrez, the Lunar Moon is the most important part of the Ebrovskoy Super System.

Phases and Luminosity of the Lunar Moon

The Lunar Moon is not an illuminated object; Hatybov would argue, the surface is luminous and creates light through the assistance of pyramids/facilities on the Lunar Moon, the Sun, and the Earth. Luminosity is created through “the imposition of operating frequencies produced by the Moon and Sun, as well as the position of the tube due to Earth ie the ‘shadow of the Earth.’” One could safely argue that Hatybov does not subscribe to the idea that the Sun’s light waves are reflected off of the surface of the Moon to create a lighted Moon as observed on Earth.

There are four phases of luminosity; phase I, II, III, and IV. Each phase takes 6 days, with 4, single unique days of accelerated/decelerated transitional luminosity. The chart below illustrates the concept of luminosity with the thick black line as a percentage of luminosity between 0 and 100% as a function days:

Hatybov also mentions that there are 4 unique radiation phases at 6.25 each, with 4 days of no radiation. The power of radiation is equal to 1, ¾, ½, and ¼ during each 6.25 phase. Whether or not there is a correlation between the power of radiation and luminosity, I am not able tell. The phase of radiation ultimately (I believe to be, at the very least), leads to different life support functions on both the Moon and the Earth.

In Respect to the Lunar Wave Phenomenon

As many of the readers of this post are likely aware, the concept of the Lunar Wave exists with respect to the Lunar Moon. The Lunar Wave, for all definition purposes, appears as a ripple, or wave, that moves across the surface of the Moon. The wave typically is viewed in pairs, or one after the other, and can move at different speeds. Several researchers on Youtube have captured the phenomenon, most notably Crrow777 (who first turned this blogger on to the Hatybov Enigma) and to many others, the idea of the Lunar Wave could hint at the idea that the Moon is a hologram. What does the literature of Hatybov state that could possibly account for the Lunar Wave?

The Time of a Radiation Impulse

As previously mentioned, the Lunar Moon radiates at radiation power 1, ¾, ½, and ¼ for 6.25 days each cycle. There are 4 days with no radiation. These different levels of radiation influence life support systems on Earth. This represents a 29 day cycle of a “step of change sequences of radiation.” What if at the change of radiation power (every 6.25 days), the Lunar Wave occurs? What if the Lunar Wave visually represents the transition of a new radiation power transmitted to Earth? When the Lunar Moon shifts from radiation power of 1 to radiation power ¾, is it possible the Lunar Wave occurs? If this were to be true, a Lunar Wave, once spotted, would be seen every 6.25 days, with an additional 4 days of no activity.

A Correction to the Lunar Orbit

Again, as the Lunar Moon is not native to our Solar System, the Lunar Moon creates potential conflicts with its orbit around the Earth. In order to prevent one specific problem with its introduction to our Solar System, the change in our Solar System’s albedo, the orbit of the Moon around the Earth needs to be corrected. The pyramid that is responsible for this correction exists in Complex 383, Pyramid 3831, and uses Octave 53.375. However, the use of this Octave leads to disruption or change to an upper Lunar Moon atmosphere lattice. This disruption can lead to the effect of Lunar Atmospheric Diffraction, and said diffraction can be observed from the Earth. Is it possible the Lunar Wave is essentially the use of Octave 53.375 to correct the Moon’s orbit around Earth, and the Wave is ultimately the Lunar Moon’s atmosphere being disturbed? The Hatybov research mentions that the Octave 53.375 should only be used for 4 hour periods at most; anything longer than that time period will lead to a “violation of albedo of Solar System” and lead to optical deceptions of the Solar System that violate expected assumptions of Earth’s astronomers.

Communication to the Planet Earth / Planet Earth Communication to the Lunar Moon

As evidenced in the above diagram representing Octaves and their corresponding relationships to the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, consider the following diagram below:

If said diagram were indeed true, what if the Lunar Wave were indeed the signal of communication? If such a thing were true, the observer would need to be at the correct site on the surface of the Earth to view the Lunar Wave. This might also explain why a Lunar Wave is seen only in Houston, Texas, or Berlin, Germany, and not in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, for instance.

Asteroid/Meteorite Deflection

As mentioned before, there allegedly exists an anti gravitational field around the Lunar Moon; given the fact that the Moon is the most important component of the Super System, random space debris and meteorites are not allowed to come in contact with the Moon. If this field were indeed in place, perhaps the Lunar Wave is a “ripple” or “wave” that we observe on Earth when a meteorite is discharged away from the Moon. If this were the case, observers in Texas, Germany, and Wisconsin should be able to view the Wave simultaneously.

Super System Clock Reset (and the Flat Earth Hypothesis)

The Hatybova concept hinted at in the majority of his alleged work places most things at the base of the idea of the Clock Reset. The Clock Reset – this concept ultimately is presenting a couple of very significant statements. A Clock Reset is essentially stating that :

Time / Space is not something that is fixed to some beginning point in time
The Big Bang, for instance, did not create the universe, and time has not proceeded, more or less, forward since that point of origin
Time / Space isn’t necessary influenced by gravitational density as we know it
Time / Space is fixed to the “clock” of the Ebrovskoy Super System
This implies that human, animal, plant, or other life is NOT, more or less, defined by a linear movement from the moment of birth
Life on Earth, and systems on Earth are “reset” at specific periods as designated by the SuperSystem
I recently turned 39 years old and have been “alive” for exactly 39 years of Earth life
Or have I? Have I actually been “alive” for 35 or 45 years of Earth life, wherein each specific time of the year, whether it be Easter, or some other day of the year, my internal clock is reset to the Ebrov Super System for some unknown reason?

If this is true, perhaps the Lunar Wave is the Clock Reset to planet Earth. The Lunar Wave would be captured and seen by all at specific, unique time periods throughout the course of the year (and should not be location dependent). It resets biological and other frames of reference on this planet. Whether the Ebrov are manipulating gravity or some other unknown force to enforce this reset, I am unsure. To follow through in this thought process, let’s look at the famous Hatybov Flat Earth comment…

“Since the Earth for some time was the ball, and before that was flat and in the days of Archimedes rests on 3 pillars (elephants) all that was calculated with respect to whales are automatically transferred to the ball form.”

I always thought that to be an interesting statement amongst all of the Hatybov material. Now before going all Flat Earth on you, dear readers, I’d like to mention a colleague’s wonderful thought regarding the idea of the Ebrov System. What if, he proposed, the Earth was indeed flat before the beginning of the Ebrov Intervention? Upon Ebrov influence, the Earth became spherical from the observer’s standpoint due to the parameters of the Ebrov system? If such a thing were to have happened, this could account for “circumstances” that allow for both the Flat Earth perspective and the Spherical Earth perspective. Remnants and proof that the Earth is flat are due to gravitational influences or densities that shift the perspective of the observer on the planet. At times and location, the Earth appears spherical; at other times and locations, the Earth appears flat. What if the key to the idea of “spherical Earth” is indeed do to the proximity and influence of our famous neighbor, the Lunar Moon?


Здравствуйте! (mean Hello)

To better digest the information above, allow me to summarize the Lunar Moon as hypothesized by Hatbov:

The Lunar Moon is not a natural satellite; the Earth existed without influence of the Lunar Moon through the year 18000 BC
The Lunar Moon was brought to our Solar System by the Ebrovskoy Cluster Convoy
The Lunar Moon is both a Type I UFO and component of the Super System
The Lunar Moon appears as a sphere to the observer on planet Earth
The Lunar Moon contains two surfaces and is twisted about its center of gravity
The outer surface faces Earth and gives the appearance of a sphere
The inner surface is not visible to observation on Earth and exists “inside” the outer surface
The Lunar Moon’s inner surface holds 4 complexes with a set of pyramids on each complex
Each pyramid generates or is tune with unique Octaves
8 pyramids provide for life support/atmospheric support for inhabitants on the inner surface of the moon
7 pyramids receive Octave transmission from the planet Earth
3 pyramids send Octave transmission to the Planet Earth
2 pyramid send Octave transmission from the planet Sun
8 pyramids are not specifically identified, but it can be inferred through other papers that these pyramids are tied to Megrez, the Planet Sun and other planetary satellites of our Solar System
The Lunar Moon provides life support functions to the Earth through radiation power
The Lunar Moon’s “illumination” is created by frequencies generated by the Earth, the Sun, and the position of the Earth to the Moon
Should the gravitation tube between the Earth and the Moon cease, life support functions on Earth would also cease
So let’s not mess with this tube!

I wish I could say I have summarized the majority of the work; however, there is much more to the Hatybov lunar piece that I was not able to get to or make sense of at this point. There is also some discussion regarding:

The Pyramid of Giza
The Pyramid of Giza was originally angled towards Polaris
Upon introduction of the Lunar Moon, the Pyramid’s orientation is now altered and corresponds to the constellation Megrez
The Earth’s equator to the Ecliptic has since changed with the Moon’s introduction to orbit
All devils, water spirits, goblins, and other “supernatural entities” live on the moon
The Lunar Moon, in its role to sustain life on planet Earth and adjust to changes on the planet through Earth based Complex feedback, creates a byproduct through variable frequency/Octave adjustments creating psychic, telepathic, and other psychical phenomenon observed by humanity
The Coiled Movement of Earth
Easily the most interesting but difficult to work through at this time
The Earth, Moon, and Sun are moving in a Helix shaped orbit, with the Earth moving around the Sun like a coil towards some unknown destination
Possibly Megrez?

Like everything else with Hatybov, the material appears incomplete. More detail is consistently referenced in “See Appendix at End” or “Refer to Book on Cold Fusion.” Sadly, such material does not appear to exist.

Bonus Section : Random Thoughts

Let’s, for the sake of this post, assume that indeed there are three specific pyramids that generate Octaves to the Planet Earth. What if, for a lack of a better hypothesis at this point in time, an Octave is associated to a specific wavelength in the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum? As mentioned before, John Keel (who I truly do believe had an approximation on this whole “Fortean phenomenon”), was very specific in pointing out that the key to all of UFO activity/cryptid activity/Fortean activity was associated in part to the EMF spectrum. As a starting point, let’s take a look at the Horse Diploma qualified EMF:

To continue along the lines of Octaves and EMF, a question arises : what if a specific Octave correlates to a specific wavelength? As a colleague of mine recommended (the one and same who mentioned the Flat Earth hypothesis above), what if a specific octave, whether it be Octave in the range of 21-22, 27-28, or 43-44 were captured and documented by filming the Lunar Moon at some wavelength, the entire Hatybov Octave catalog would be cracked. If one were able to film during its “pulsating periods” and modify the light wavelengths to the UV or IR spectrum, would there be something of significance yielded? Another layer of the onion removed? I have no idea, but I would think this to be the best place to start if one were funded and interested in the idea of a radically different concept of our Moon.

Final Thoughts (Finally)!

Sorry folks, this one was a long one (and took me a considerable amount of time to attempt to put together in some logical format.) At this time, all of this is most certainly highly fringe and theoretical. Lunar Waves, Hatybov…all things or concepts none of us were taught in school, and whether any of it is reality, no one knows. Yet at the same time, items worthy of scientific exploration (at least in the view of this simple minded blogger). As resources become more available to this blogger and the feedback of some of the most interesting minds in this fringe area of research progress, I hope to bring more results to the table. Until that point, as always, I throw this post out for feedback; negative, positive, or otherwise.

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